Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A journey just beginning...

Writing is a very powerful tool in our lives, and what we write can give a good insight of who we are, as it is a wonderful form of expression. The reason I have taken writing as something 'mysterious' is because everyone can write, but it is hard to make an impact, as only a good piece of writing would stand out . Afterall, "Easy reading is damn hard writing"as quoted by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a justification of the amount of work required to produce a good piece of work.

Writing takes a lot of effort and enthusiasm, hopefully I would have cultivated both in me by the end of the semester. I think that this semester each and every one of us can hone our writing skills, as the first class by Dr. Edwin last week, followed up by the tutorial class with Dr. Noreen has shed light and given a vivid picture of what is expected of us in this course. I think that this will be an interesting course,as I am already looking forward to it... and it gets better as there are no exams! (Hooray!) ;- )

There are a lot of wonderful stories compiled by Dr. Edwin, and so far the ones tackled in class has managed to be not only interesting, but it also makes you take a moment to reflect on the believes of people living at those times, and what makes them tick. Dr. Noreen's class has been very useful, as we have just learnt about thesis statements, a very crucial aspect for our position papers and research papers.

Lastly, I must say, I feel that I am very lucky and I can benefit a lot from this course as I always admired works of great authors and now I can actually work on some of these masterpieces, and this is something that cannot be done in any other course!


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