Sunday, July 23, 2006

Myths and folklore

Myths are very interesting as most of them never lose their ability to amaze us even now, hundred of years after the aforesaid myth came to be. This can be seen in almost every culture that has at least a myth that has been passed fom generation to generation. some of it are the origins of taboos that we see practiced in society, so myths do have a huge impact in society. The fall of Icarus is especially interesting, as this story has a rather dramatic storyline. The picture is very symbolic to show the idea that death of one person is something that may have a huge impact on their loved ones lives, but does not effect the strangers around them. Personally, I think this is a good issue to be brought up as life is unpredictable, and anything may happen at any given time. Therefore, should something untoward happen, we need the strength to survive the pain and the knowledge that we can overcome any obstacles by having full faith that time heals everything, and there may be happiness somewhere- despite how bleak the situation may appear now.


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